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Sexing: Princess Parrots are sexually dimorphic, meaning both male and female can easy be determined by observing the different feather colours and beak colouration. The male beak is a brighter orange while the hen beak is a duller colour, closer to the colour of a young bird and in most cases still showing some brown. PRINCESS PARROT. We have kept and bred blue Princess parrots for many years. Recently we have acquired some more mutations of this beautiful parrot. We attempt to keep good size in our princess parrots to produce quality offspring. Unfortunately I need to sell a pair of princess parrots. REGRETFUL SALE. No tyre kickers please, I want these birds to go to a good home! LIME/BLUE COCK X GREEN/LIME/BLUE HEN PROVEN AND BRED FOR ME LATE LAST YEAR. Paid good money for this pair. ALL OFFERS CONSIDERED. Please email or call thanks. Beautiful Princess parrots Lime/Blue boy - was handraised Lime/Blue girl - handraised and still friendly Will produce Limes yellow with green/violet and White Limes white with green/violet Both very quiet and love to clown around Very used to people being right up close. for sale, I have 2 breeding pairs of princess Parrots. Both males are split green/blue & f.has classifieds in BELMONT, New South Wales for dogs and cats. Kennel hounds, dogs and all kinds of cats.

for sale, I have a pair of Princess parrots for sale. Blue hen split blue ćock. $180 ono.has classifieds in PUNCHBOWL, New South Wales for dogs and cats. Kennel hounds, dogs and all kinds of cats. 03/12/2017 · princess parrot breeders. Discussion in 'Other Animals and Invertebrate' started by MonitorMayhem, Mar 14,. We have a number of Princess Parrots,. we breed lime x normal/blue/lime and the split comes from a white but where yet to get a white.

Princess Parrots for Sale Contacts When Quality Counts  For Sale No Princess Parrots for sale at Present Will Freight At Buyers Expense. ADVICE FREELY OFFERED - NO OBLIGATION Thanks everyone for your support. Regards Steve  Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. 29/04/2014 · Hi all, I have a few questions about Princess Parrot mutations. I have two pairs here, a green female not aware of splits with a blue male, and a White/lime female with a green/blue/lime male. I have a fairly decent idea of what to expect. 13/09/2012 · The feathers should not change. Not sure on genetics and mutations, or how they work with Princess Parrots, but usually mutations are just that. There is no way to "take advantage". If you were to breed it with another pied there could most likely be health issues. You would breed it back to a normal and go from there, I am almost certain. Regardless of size, cages or aviaries should be supplied with a range of perches. Princess Parrots are essentially quite peaceful and will readily share their aviary with a range of other species including grass parrots, Turquoise Parrots and other Neophemas, Indian Ringnecks, Pheasants, Doves and Quail just to.

for sale, Breeding pair princess parrots with cage- complete set up paid over $700.has classifieds in REEDY CREEK, Queensland for dogs and cats. Kennel hounds, dogs and all. Princess Parrots from $100 per pair Silver cock/Cobalt hen has damaged wing - $600 White Lime cock - $200 White hen / Blue Cock $200 Blue split yellow cock / yellow hen $200 2 x White lime cock / white hen each pair $400 Green cock / blue hen $100 BULK SALE OF ALL PRINCESSES $1200 Moustache Parrots - Five year old Hen, Six year old. Princess parrots love to scratch around on the floor and will be found here in the hottest part of those 40 degree days. This propensity to spend time on the aviary floor exposes the birds to their own droppings and worm infestation. Worms are possibly the greatest single killer of princess parrots.


Questo sito utilizza i cookies Leggi tutto per migliorare la vostra navigazione. Continuando si accetta l'utilizzo e garantiamo che non ci saranno problemi ma potrete comunque disabilitarli in. 15/06/2012 · “Particularly the lime-green wing-patch resembling that of a. of the chick. There is a subtle difference to me, someone not familiar with Princess Parrots. On Google Images, all Princess Parrots look like the chick, other than slight color variations, to me. White Fronted Blue Scarlet Chested Parrot - kunjaavaires Blue Parrot.

There are quite a lot of them all through Europe. Of course, the inevitable was that once you had a blue and a Lutino you were able to produce a white. I believe that this happened in Holland last year. Over the years there have been a lot of red Princess Parrots turn up. Princess Parrots can be housed in a wide variety of sizes of aviaries. Although they are best bred as one pair per flight, they seem to breed better if they can see or hear another pair or pairs of Princess parrots. An aviary of 4 metres 12 feet long is considered the minimum to adequately house these birds.

princess parrot breeders Aussie Pythons and.

We have one breeding pair of Princess Parrots. They are a lime pair which means they have yellow, green and violet feather colouring. We will be expecting lime and white lime white with green and violet babies. These a both rare mutations in the princess parrot! Princess parrots are attractive birds with striking coloured feathers and long tails. Barche a motore in vendita. Desidera vendere o comprare una barca usata? Cranchi o un altro marchio? Utilizzi la grande offerta di yacht in vendita su Yachtall! - lunghezza 10-13 m p. 4.

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